Multy Clean | Emergency Flood Service
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Emergency Flood Service


Flood damage or Water Damage?

If you are affected by a flood in your home or Business, an escape of water from plumbing installation, and urgent or emergency advice on drying out and cleaning up after a flood is needed, we can help, when your property is affected by flooding, it’s critical to have access to prompt and professional cleaners to minimise the long-term damage to your home or Business, and belongings. Carpets and furniture left untreated for any length of time can succumb to mould permanent water damage and even leave residual bacteria that can cause health concerns to inhabitants in the long-term. We can carry out a full flood restoration service, this would include:


  • Extracting all surplus water
  • Uplifting all water damage items to prevent long-term damage
  • Over spray all water damage with an anti-bacterial spray to kill of any bacteria
  • Install appropriate drying equipment, air movers, and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying out process.
We are a dedicated and caring family business and our aim is 100% satisfaction once the work is complete. Call us now : 01282 ~ 835 935